Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush wins 3rd debate

Didn't get to see the whole thing but heard most of it and have caught up on the partial transcripts, but it seems obvious to me -- and apparently to a lot of other people outside the MainStreamMedia -- that the president fairly easily won the debate on style and substance both.

Kerry looked pale and tired, and his answers weren't much better. Especially after Bush delivered the "He's a Massachusetts liberal" body blows early on. He spent his promised TAX INCREASE at least twice tonight, and roughed in an agenda that would require a trillion or so more $$$ (so where do you think he's gonna look to pay for his fancy new programs? Yeah, that's what I think too).

And by the bye, Kerry has passed 5 bills in his 20 year Senate term, although he has voted to filibuster many more times than that. (Bush had the right stats; Kerry claimed he'd passed 56. Even if that number were true, it is pretty meager for a liberal who claims to have a chicken for every pot, or at least a spending program for every perceived social ill).

For me, this election is about national security and morality. Although the focus tonight was on domestic policy, what was discussed about the NWoT (Necessary War on Terror) did nothing to reassure me that Kerry would make a reliable president/defender. (Further, what we're hearing from military personnel who are commenting, off the record, is that a Kerry win on Nov. 2 probably means an exodus of officers via retirement. That would be bad for America, but totally understandable given the fact that Kerry does not respect the American soldier. Never has, never will.)

On the moral front, Kerry once again painted himself as the cafeteria Catholic who refuses to obey his Church on life issues. You'd almost think that he'd learned that most American Catholic bishops are registered Republicans from the way he practically dared them to say anything about his pick-and-choose faithfulness. The would-be JFK II put the cherry on top of his pro-abortion cocktail by flatly declaring he will NEVER appoint anyone to the Supreme Court "who would vote to overturn a constitutional right."

Translation: Pro-life applicants need not bother, especially if they are Catholic.

I was not amused by his "we all married up" line. First, he stole the line from Brian Mulroney, the former prime minister of Canada, who was telling a story on Ronald Reagan. Mulroney's take was warm, believable and captured the essense of the late president. More importantly, Kerry has "married up" twice. The first wife wasn't rich enough, perhaps, but the next wife had enough cash to finance a dynasty's worth of presidential ambition. (Yeah, some will say I am being insensitive, but I know that Bush did not marry Laura for her money.)

Naturally, the MSM is spinning the debate as a Kerry win (per usual) and the instant internet polls being jammed by the DNC response machine started registering Kerry support even before the debates began. (C'mon people, I get the email updates from the DNC too listing all the places I should go to tell CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC how wonderful John Kerry is for promising every American free health care, free college tuition, jobs paying over $100,000 a year, happier families, love and kisses from the entire world, widescreen HDTV for every living room, plus massages and botox for those who need it.)

And I forgot: Johnny Edwards says that if Kerry is elected, everyone like Christopher Reeve is going to rise up out of their wheelchairs and walk again.

Sheesh. It's bedtime.


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