Tuesday, October 05, 2004

First Post for the Oklahomilist ...

With but four weeks left before Election 2004 we are in the game, and what a game it is! Much is at stake, and while we may have little influence over the outcome of any part of it, at least we will be able to say later, "We tried." Until now we were like a poorer male version of the gal in "Drive My Car," with only a driver and no vehicle ...

"But I've got a Web Log and that's a start ..."
ummm ...
(Apologies to John & Paul ...) Yikes! No readers yet either. The curse of the vastness of the World Wide Web. We'll remedy that in due course. Yes, there is a Plan and you will be briefed on your small -- but significant -- part in The Plan very soon. In the meantime, consider this next bit our ...
Statement of Intent

I, Dave the Oklahomilist, fully intend to:

  • Discuss Oklahoma issues, political and social
  • Weigh in on various subjects from a moral POV
  • Cast aspersions on public figures, left, right and center, but especially left.
  • Expose injustice when it suits my mood to do so
  • Leave Tatooine (my discomfort zone), train hard as an apprentice and become a Pajamahadeen
  • Waste at least an hour a day. (Wait. I already to much more than that. Oh, waste at least another hour each day pondering and pouncing on the Great Cosmic Issues.)

Not a complete list, but it's a beginning. As Drudge would say: Developing ...


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