Friday, October 28, 2005

Speaking of the Apocalypse

Let's play word association.

We say "Golf". You answer "Scots." (They invented it.)

We say "Scots." You respond, "Kilts!"

We say, "Kilts?" and suddenly this very stylish image pops into the little grey cells:

That's right. The Practikilt which comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large, and a variety of styles, including --

Islander is made in khaki cotton twill.

Practikilts come in these 6 great versions:
Outlaw #100628
Badland #100630
Islander #100632
Defcon13 #100634
Avenger #100636
Warlord #100638

The price? A mere $69 per pair.

But, say, perhaps you'd like a demonstration of the utility of one of the other models of kilt, say for instance, the Warlord?

Yeah, baby! We're talkin' manly AND stylish, with just that trace of devil may care what the bike seat feels like after 250 miles down that old rugged highway! You'll feel like a modern William Wallace rallying the troops just before the bloody battle of Stirling Bridge. "Sure ya ken go home and wear yer leather breetches, but hower yer gonna live without yer kilt?"

Our Hat Tip goes out to Father Shane at Catholic Ragemonkey.

Father, how do we erase these images from our brain?


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