Friday, December 16, 2005

No No No No No! You've got it backwards again

Quit thinking like liberals!

A Republican sponsored bill in the House of Representatives would require businesses TO VERIFY that all their employees are inside the United States legally.

Wrong! No wonder the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is upset with the GOP over this. The bill is just another example of muddy Potomac thinking.

What the Congress needs to do is to increase penalties for businesses who do a poor job of verifying that their employees are legal, and to put teeth into enforcement.

Paperwork alone does nothing to curb illegal immigration, not to mention that any business that would knowingly hire an illegal worker would probably not be above faking the paperwork anyway. If Congressmen think that keeping better records is going to take the place of immigration sweeps and deportations, then they are out of touch with reality and need to be replaced next November.

We don't need another layer of government bureaucracy. We need better enforcement of existing laws. We need to bust the chops of employers who are "careless" of immigration laws. After all, if they won't hire an ineligible worker, the word will spread. When the United States quits becoming a land of milk and honey for those who willingly violate the law (a curtailing of the demand side), then the supply side will adjust itself.

By the way, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce probably won't like enhanced enforcement of existing immigration and hiring laws any better than the proposed verification bill, and that's just too bad. We weep for them. Not.

Does this mean we are for closing the borders to all? No. The country needs some immigration and some temporary workers. But for the sake of controlling the influx of bad guys and protecting our culture, our language and our laws, we must have legal immigration, not a free for all.


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