Friday, January 13, 2006

An invitation to a disaster

This must be nominated as one of the dumbest teaching ideas ever:

Ohio High School Porn Homework Canceled

A high school research assignment on Internet pornography was canceled after parents in this Cleveland suburb complained.

Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's apparent goal _ to discuss the harmful effects of pornography _ was well- intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old freshmen at Brooklyn High.

The assignment asked students to research pornography on the Internet and list eight facts about pornography. Students also were asked to write their personal views of pornography and any experience they had with it.

Lampert said he doubted the teacher would face any punishment.
Let's not speak too soon. This is one homework assignment that some students will probably attempt to finish, especially if the assignment has been cancelled.

Two possibilities exist.

One, the teacher was sincere but totally clueless to the porn sinkhole that is the internet. We could argue that such ignorance is grounds enough for termination.

Two, the teacher had a hidden, evil motive. Given our sex saturated society and what is happening with a small but energetic number of educators attempting to "sex up" their students, school officials should not too quickly dismiss this possibility.

Online porn can ruin lives and lead to addictions that are difficult (though not impossible) to conquer. (Allow us to recommend THIS SITE for those who either want to know more or doubt the premise). You can't even do a safe search on any search engine without stumbling across images that you'd wished you hadn't seen. Telling students to "seek and ye shall find" is irresponsible, even if it was well meant.


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