Friday, July 17, 2009

The Potential for Tax Hikes - Another Reason to Fight ObamaCare

ObamaCare can still be beaten.

Have you called your congress-person yet?

Here's another reason you might want to do something soon: Those new surcharges on income taxes that we discussed have an interesting little twist in the proposed legislation. If the costs rise beyond government projections -- almost a foregone conclusion by the admission of most experts and even the Congressional Budget Office -- the bureaucrats in the new health care system will have the authority to raise the tax rate without going to Congress for permission.

If they can raise the rate, there is also the likelihood that they will lower the threshold at which the surcharge kicks in. Right now it is set at $280,000 for a single earner. If they really run short of cash for this federal power grab, do you suppose they might go as low as they need to for the extra money?

Can you take that chance that a "yes" vote in Congress today won't lead to you having no chance at elected representation on future tax hikes?

Only a clueless idiot would hand a loaded weapon to a child, and yet that is what we are proposing: to give the power of future tax hikes to progressive do-gooders who, in order to save their jobs and their precious universal health care system, would not hesitate to pull the trigger on taking more of your hard-earned money.

Will you sit still for this?

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