Friday, July 24, 2009

A Reminder of Why McCain Lost

Proving once again how quickly the McCain team throws in the towel:

McCain Lawyers Investigated Obama Citizenship

Of course they were satisfied with an affidavit from a Hawaii official that someone, somewhere had actually seen a birth certificate, once upon a time. This alleged birth certificate still hasn't seen the light of day, despite court efforts to bring it out from beneath the warehouse crates where the Ark of the Covenant and all other treasures of antiquity are stored.

Stonewalled on any actual evidence, they decided to go with the flow, just like everyone else.

I've hesitated to get on this particular bandwagon because I'm not sure it's ever going to get resolved and it seems like one of those "horse has left the barn" issues, of which there are many with this president.

But it seems to me that McCain had the right, and maybe even an obligation, to demand that Obama reveal his real birth certificate, if one exists, during the campaign. He and his lawyers chose not to do so, and so it became just one more missed opportunity to be forceful and challenging. So typical of the McCain organization. Is it any wonder he lost?

Left unresolved, the rumors and the issue won't go away. As this president undertakes one socialist program after another, a series of power grabs that are undermining our Constitution and transforming our way of life, shouldn't we at least have the satisfaction of knowing that he is qualified, under the Constitution, to be president?

All it would take is one small little gesture of transparency.

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