Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'Disappointing' Tornado Season?

Sad news for The Associated Press reporter who filed today's screed on "Tepid Tornado Season Disappoints Some."

She couldn't get anyone to ascribe this year's mild tornado season to anything horrific, like global warming.
Meteorologists are attributing the relative calm not to anything dire, like global warming, but to the shifts in the jet stream that happen from time to time.
Can you sense her disappointment? She notes that "only" 21 people have died this year. She begins her story acknowledging that fewer deadly twisters are
good news, of course, for the people who live here, but a little frustrating to scientists who planned to chase twisters as part of a $10 million research project.
Of course, being the enterprising reporter that she must be, she attempts no connection of a mild tornado season, including an unusual 17-day absence in late May and early June, to the lack of sunspot activity. If she asks the question of the meteorologists she interviews, she makes no mention of it.

Global warming, you see, is now sacred creed, and you can't question its impact. Even when it seems to have gone away.

The correlation of sunspot data with earth temperature or earth weather simply will not be allowed.

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