Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry's Foreign Policy Failures

The voters have not yet spoken and already there is trouble in John Kerry's surreal world of diplomacy, foreign policy and international intrigue.

ITEM ONE -- Vlad Putin, President and future Dictator of Russia, issued a statement Monday that increased terrorists actions in Iraq and around the globe are now aimed at unseating George W. Bush in the US Presidential elections. Putin is no big fan of the U.S., but he's less a fan of terrorists. He's also former (maybe not so former) KGB, which means he knows a hell of a lot more about the Islamic terrorist threat than John Kerry, the man who didn't bother to show up most of the time for Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. Why is this a foreign policy defeat for Kerry: Russia was one of those countries he thought he could jawbone into Iraq action with his Super Summit.

ITEM TWO -- Yassir Arafat, the aging and insane terrorist leader of the Palestinian Authority, has let it be known through aides that he is unofficially endorsing John Kerry in the presidential race. Oops! We're sure he was supposed to keep quiet about that. Arafat believes that John Kerry can get the Arafat another go-round of "peace" negotiations and strengthen the PA hand, whereas Bush warned Arafat to discontinue the terrorist bombings or face ostracism. Arafat defied him and Bush kept his word. There have been far fewer terrorist events since. Will Jewish voters in Florida and New York pay attention to Arafat's preferred electoral choice?

ITEM THREE -- Mahatir Mohamad, the fun-loving fundamentalist Muslim who was until recently the Prime Minister of Malaysia, is asking all American Muslims to vote for Kerry. Whether this is in keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month through which we are passing, we neither know nor care. This is the same guy who at an international Islamic conference declared definitively that Jews control the world's banking systems and everything of substance in America. He is not a friend of ours. He is, however, a friend of Kerry, whether Kerry wants to acknowledge it or not.

ITEM FOUR -- Kerry remark leads to Haitian violence. No, we're serious. The BBC reports that the head of the United Nations' peacekeeping force in Haiti, Brazilian Gen. Augusto Heleno, is complaining that recent violence that has killed over 50 people was spawned by comments earlier this year by, you guessed it, John Kerry. Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Apparently this provided a great deal of aid and comfort to the Aristide partisans, who are now ramping up the violence in hopes that a President Kerry will reinstall their man on the "throne." To be fair, Kerry probably had no idea this would happen, but that's just the problem, isn't it. The man does not understand the Law of Unintended Consequences, and refuses to keep his trap shut about anything.

ITEM FIVE -- (Old News) France and Germany issue statements that they will not, repeat will not, send troops to bail out American forces in Iraq, even if John Kerry wins. This is followed a few days later with the Duelfer report that details how billions of dollars were siphoned to the aforementioned France and Germany (as well as Russia and certain high-falutin' folks in the United Nations) as inducements to block a multination military effort to force Saddam to comply with 17 UN resolutions, not to mention weaken and eliminate the sanctions against Iraq. There is nothing left of Kerry's Super Summit ploy to internationalize the occupation.

ITEM SIX -- (For true capitalists and real conservatives, this one is Priceless!) John Kerry has made political hay saying he'd solve our expensive drug problem by importing cheaper drugs from Canada, a natural foreign ally. Oops again! Spoke way too soon. A consortium of Canadian drug companies has announced that they will no longer fill bulk U.S. orders for pharmaceuticals. In short, they say, there are only so many available cheap drugs, and they want Canadians to have them. Bottom line: Even if the government reverses course and tries to buy them from Canada, they will not sell. Canadians have figured out that for now they have a string tied around the neck of the golden goose. They do not want Americans pulling on that string too tightly.
So there you have it. Three months until inaugauration, two weeks 'til the vote, and the whole doggone world just doesn't seem to understand the Nuance wrapped in Botox cocooned in Mama T's many mansions. It is not cooperating. That's the problem with trying to be presidential when a) you are not president yet and b) you are talking out of your "astrological charts." (We endeavor to keep this blog at least PG rated.)


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