Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The reality of fundamental Islam ...

Jay Tea of Wizbang: has an interesting column on how fundamentalist Islam would alter American society were it ever to gain more of a foothold here. He discusses Shari'ah, otherwise known as the Islamic law, and why it disturbs and disgusts him. An excerpt:

"We're fighting against a culture and a way of life that thinks of women as property, as chattel, as things that can be treated however men want.

"This isn't just dehumanizing to women, it dehumanizes the men as well. It twists and warps them, deprives them of the ability to have normal relations with women, and gives them a huge (but completely unfounded) sense of pride and entitlement and privilege."

Considering that we are at war with men who push this kind of Islamic worldview through the use of terror, I think it's a good idea to become familiar with its precepts. (Please, spare me the PC platitudes of how we must respect this "religion of peace." For a growing number of Americans, such PC talk is no longer obligatory, nor does it serve any useful function except to cloud over the truth. Remember, those whom we fight first declared war on us. We'll debate the denominational aspects of Islam when we have the luxury to do so: after we win. If we lose, and if we're still alive, there will be no debate.)


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