Thursday, December 16, 2004

EU: No Christian need apply

Not only have the new Euromasters succeeded in keeping any mention of Christianity, or Europe's Christian history, out of its new constitution, but they show themselves to be adept at keeping the religious from the halls of power. This isn't a new trend or even surprising information, but we were reminded today when Zenit reprinted a George Weigel column from the Denver Register on the Rocco Buttiglione affair.

Buttiglione is a conservative, orthodox Catholic professor of philosophy, a distinguished former member of the Italian government, friend of Pope John Paul II, and a good family man. These qualities did not endear him to the EU decision makers when it came to determining whether Buttiglione would make a good Minister of Justice.
One parliamentarian informed Buttiglione that Rocco's conviction that homosexual relations were morally disordered was "in direct contradiction of European law." Buttiglione, ever the professor, reminded his inquisitor of Kant's distinction between morality and law and made clear his conviction that many things considered immoral should not be criminalized. The inquisitor wasn't impressed. Another parliamentarian asked what Buttiglione intended to do as justice minister to be "pro-active" in promoting "protection of homosexuals." Buttiglione replied that he was firmly against discrimination against anyone, but that the civil rights of homosexuals "should be defended on the same basis as the rights of all other European citizens," not through some "pro-active" agenda.
When incoming E.C. president Durao Barroso then presented his entire commission slate to the European Parliament (which had to vote "yea" or "nay" on the slate as a whole), gridlock ensued. Two days after the signing of the European constitutional treaty, Rocco Buttiglione withdrew his nomination so that the process of forming the new European Commission could be completed.

To which Weigel asks the question:
What kind of polity is it that doesn't want a man like Rocco Buttiglione looking after the administration of justice and the protection of human rights? A polity in which too many people believe that the God of the Bible is the enemy of human freedom. A polity in which too many people believe that freedom is license. A polity in which "anti-discrimination" has become the excuse for active discrimination against Catholics and others whose moral convictions ill-fit the relativist-secularist opinion mainstream. A polity, in other words, like the new Europe. The demographers tell us that Europe is dying, physically. The Buttiglione affair tells us that Europe is now on life-support, morally and culturally.

File away but do not forget.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Joe Six Pack said...

Europe tried ignoring Christianity (see the EU Constitution) but it seems that has not been enough for them. Now they must outlaw Christianity. From the French outlawing students wearing crosses to other countries arresting priests for hate speech (can't mention homosexuality in anything but a positive light; it's clear that the Europeans are on the war path.

The EU is going down the tubes, and fast. Their demographics are oft pointed to as the future demise of European Civilization. In reality, the moral decay of the content has far outpaced their demographic issues.

What is interesting is how the Catholic Church is able to withstand the test of time. Just as Europe is falling apart, Africa, specifically Nigeria, is shining forth. I can envision time in the next 50 years or so when African missionaries will come to Europe to convert the pagans.

Perhaps a generation or two from now, the moral decay in Europe will have played it's course and people will be open to hearing the Truth.

I just pray that the revival comes before Europe totally implodes on itself as a society.

Two Cents,
Joe Six Pack


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