Sunday, March 06, 2005

Action list for Sunday

Today is Sunday, March 6, 2005.

It is the Lord's Day, but He will share it with you on the condition that you keep it holy.

That means knock off going into the office.

Go to church.

Spend time with the spouse and the young ones. Ask them questions about their week, and encourage questions from them about anything and everything. (Leave the TV off.)

Read your Bible or something spiritually uplifting.

Eat dinner together as family.

Find 30 minutes (an hour would be better) to pray together as family. Identify specific concerns or individuals who need prayer help (these can be family, friends or even distant figures like Pope John Paul II, Terri Shiavo, the Tsunami victims, the soldiers at war. etc.). Pray for them. Be serious about it. If you really want to shock your family, get on your knees as you pray and gently suggest that any one of them who wishes to join you may do so.

Most of all, treat this day as something special. Do not continue to allow it to be the "catch all" of your week, the day that the grass finally gets cut, the laundry gets caught up, that list of "honey do's" gets done. Try not to spend your day spending money. You are only encouraging businesses to stay open, which in turn requires that some people do not get a real sabbath.

If more of us followed this simple set of guidelines, our lives would change. Better yet, our country, our culture, would also change.

Wouldn't you agree that life today could use some change for the better?

Let go of your cares, give Sunday to the Lord, and let God bless you for it.


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