Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The New McGavins of Journalism

We love the online feed of India Daily. These are journalists who are on the cutting edge of What's Happening in the Real World. They are the new Darren McGavins of Nightstalker renown. Today's Offering:

Evidence of extreme disturbance
in Earth’s core – can earth explode?
... reports coming from every continent says that the volcanoes, geysers and mud volcanoes all are ready to explode.
According to some contemporary geosciences theories, the Earth's iron core formed with a large share of radioactive uranium, which combined with sulfur to make an ultra-dense compound. The uranium settled to the center of the core, where it eventually formed a mass big enough to sustain a supercritical nuclear reactor. Not just that, but it functions as a breeder reactor, creating more nuclear fuel than it burns. This provides the energy needed to generate the geomagnetic field. ... If that reactor for some reason is disturbed, it can cause major problems and eventually explode.
By now you may be troubled, but there is some good news:
But scientists believe the chances of that are very remote though not impossible. There are evidences in our solar system that an extra planet did explode and caused major problems for the Earth and Mars millions of years back.
So it might not happen like it did when the mysterious fourth planet blew up and left us an untidy Asteroid Belt.
Naturally our sleuthing journalist friends quote no scientists by name, no actual studies, not even links to the Weekly World News for attribution. But you have to understand, when you are on the cutting edge of What's Happening in the Real World, you do not need no stinkin' attribution or sourcing. You just grab a hold of the truth, tell 'em to open the gate and hang on for an 8-second ride.


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