Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hillary says no on Roberts

Ah, so the world is not completely topsy-turvy. Hillary is talking like a liberal again.
"The Constitution commands that the Senate provide meaningful advice and consent to the President on judicial nominations, and I have an obligation to my constituents to make sure that I cast my vote for Chief Justice of the United States for someone I am convinced will be steadfast in protecting fundamental women's rights, civil rights, privacy rights, and who will respect the appropriate separation of powers among the three branches. After the Judiciary Hearings, I believe the record on these matters has been left unclear. That uncertainly means as a matter of conscience, I cannot vote to confirm ...
My desire to maintain the already fragile Supreme Court majority for civil rights, voting rights and women's rights outweigh the respect I have for Judge Roberts's intellect, character, and legal skills."
Hillary puts her political constituency ahead of her respect for John Roberts' intellect, character and legal skills. These are her words, not ours.

Good. The last thing this country needs is a bunch of liberals pretending to be conservative on votes that are already decided. Let Hillary show her true colors. The rest of the country (meaning the handful that actually pay attention) saw enough of John Roberts during the confirmation hearings to know that he doesn't have horns, a pitchfork and a bifurcated tail.

These people vote too.


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