Tuesday, September 27, 2005

House-keeping postscript

True, yesterday we were ready to lead the assault on Blogger HQ after several posts disappeared into that other dimension we call "the ether." (We whisper the name for we imagine that there are Ethernauts who can tune into our thought waves, thus ensuring that they can purloin our best stuff at the very moment of posting. These Ethernauts are wicked and evil, but they crave news from our universe. Go figure!)

After a few emails and a long night of designing work, we have launched Oklahomily.com. It is a site designed to highlight spiritual, moral and religious issues and events within Oklahoma and will have certain standing features and pages. Oklahomily The Blog, however, was created to provide us a forum on just about anything happening anywhere.

We could move the blog to the web site, but that's not our first choice since:

a) It requires work, of which we are loathe, and

b) Blogger seems to be back on good behavior today.

So here we remain.


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