Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Chief Justice Roberts now

What was the point of all that huffing and puffing by the left before, during and after the confirmation hearings of John Roberts?

After all, wasn't this the man who was going to deprive women of the right to kill their unborn babies?

Wasn't this the dude who would "turn back the clock" so far that public lynchings of minorities would take place in the village square?

Wouldn't John Roberts, so cleverly disguised as a mild-mannered, intelligent, family man with a good sense of humor and an iron-clad grasp of constitutional law, be unleashed to steal little kids' lunch money and turn grandma out into the blizzard without a coat?

John Roberts. According to the likes of Ted Kennedy, Chucky Schumer, Harry Reid, Barbara Streisand and Michael Moore, the most dangerous man of the year.

And, after all their dire warnings, they could muster only 22 moonbat votes in the Senate?

Maybe this country's not as far gone as we had thought.


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