Friday, November 11, 2005

4% reduction in car burnings overnight

There were 19 fewer vehicles torched in France last night.

Which means "only" 463 vehicles -- or about $4.6 million in actual replacement cost -- were lost.

Officials are reportedly very happy at the dramatic reduction.

Jacques Chirac, after an initial 10 days of psychological laryngitis, has recovered his "voice" and has a vector on all possible solutions:

President Jacques Chirac acknowledged Thursday that France must confront the social inequalities and prejudice that has fueled the violence _ France's worst since the 1968 student-worker uprising.

"There is a need to respond strongly and rapidly to the undeniable problems faced by many residents of underprivileged neighborhoods around our cities," Chirac said.

"Whatever our origins, we are all the children of the Republic, and we can all expect the same rights."



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