Friday, November 11, 2005

Gotta get us one of those

A Huntington, Indiana, man, Boris Volfson, has received a patent (from the U.S. patent office) for an anti-gravity device.

That's right. An anti-gravity device. For a space ship.
" ... propelled by a superconducting shield that alters the curvature of space-time outside the craft in a way that counteracts gravity.
Sounds way cool.

Of course there are always party poopers.
One of the main theoretical arguments against anti-gravity is that it implies the availability of unlimited energy.

"If you design an anti-gravity machine, you've got a perpetual-motion machine," Robert Park of the American Physical Society told Nature.

Park said the action shows patent examiners are being duped by false science.
That's okay, Boris. We believe you. Build your ship and we'll help you find out where this wet blanket Park lives. Then we'll have some real fun.


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