Tuesday, November 08, 2005

News from the Resistance!

Beautiful Atrocities has done the unthinkable -- bringing out the French in the Oklahomilist. In other words, we SURRENDER in the daily quest to be the biggest, baddest taunter of outrageous French-accented speaking persons. Jeff is on tops with this.

Support the Insurgents! Defend bored youth!

The glorious French insurgency began when disaffected, pissed off, fully subsidized & fairly worthless youths, driven mad by relentless airplay of Un Monde Parfait single by obnoxious brat Ilona Mitrecey, began torching fuel-efficient cars to demand that imperialist French police stop leaving them alone.

There's much more, including classic graphics.

For those who think it unseemly to laugh at the situation in France:

Get a life!

This is what Americans do best. Then shortly afterward we saddle up our Bradley armored vehicles, our big tanks, grab our ammo and favoritest firearms, and parachute over there to once again save the heart of western civilization from itself.

Sardonically smiling all the way, a low-tar, filtered cigarette drooping from our Yankee lip. (And the French thought they invented nuance. Hah!)


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