Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Haven't Walked the Line yet, but ...

What a tragedy to be so busy and (relatively) broke at the same time.

Otherwise the Oklahomilist might already have seen "Walk the Line," the movie tribute to Johnny Cash. Nearly everything overheard or read has been positive, but the review that gave us the most useful information was from The Phantom who, from his New York City hideaway, has seen fit to critique it. His conclusion:
This film is married boy meets married girl, boy has long bout of drug addiction, boy wins girl finally when both are free. The movie ends somewhat abruptly when June accepts his proposal onstage in Toronto, when both are free. But what happens in between makes for a good movie. There is enough of Johnny Cash's life remaining to make at least one other movie.

I liked this movie, and will see it again.
No nonsense review (but you should read the whole thing).

Contrast that with Entertainment magazine which, while giving the movie an A-, managed to toss little digs at the film's co-stars, finally concluding that they did just enough to "walk the line."

Is anyone else fed up with the pretension of genius that oozes from the entertainment press?


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