Monday, November 28, 2005

This is just Sub-par ...

Via MeeCiteeWurker:
The Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) and Express Sports have declined to renew the lease with the Tulsa Convention Center for the 2006 Express PBR Classic scheduled July 28-30. The decision was made due to city leaders and arena management’s decision to host a competing minor league bull riding event just prior to the Built Ford Tough Series tour stop.
Funk, Oilers’ owner Jeff Lund, and PBR officials met recently with Mayor Bill LaFortune and Tulsa Chief Operating Officer Alan LaCroix in order to outline the PBR’s stance on the City hosting a Built Ford Tough Series Event immediately following a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) bull riding; the PRCA league representing the double-A standard in the sport. The PBR offered the compromise of the PRCA event occurring after the already scheduled and publicized PBR tour date in July. In the final decision, none of PBR’s suggested compromises were entertained or implemented.
Why was the Mayor of Tulsa involved in the so-called negotiations?

Why was the major league bull riding event, worth about $2 million to Tulsa, sent packing to OKC?

Michael Bates has other questions and observations.

One of the things we like about living in Broken Arrow is the proximity to Tulsa, but it's getting harder to consider it an advantage. Tulsa was once far-thinking and proud metropolis but sadly has fallen upon hard times through what many suspect is the inevitable result of political in-breeding.

Time for new blood, people.

We're not so parochial that we want an emasculated, constipated Tulsa for a neighbor. We want a vibrant city that takes the lead in creating opportunities and enhancements for a broad cross-section of the populace, not content with the mere acquisition of perks for the well connected.


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