Friday, December 09, 2005

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Probably shouldn't say anything, considering how overly sensitive this University of Connecticut graduate, on hand to protest a public appearance by Ann Coulter, seems to be:
Jerome Smith, a UConn graduate, talked about how he hid his homosexuality while at UConn, afraid his fraternity brothers and family would shun him.

"Words are sharp tools and certain people like Ann Coulter use them to hurt people," he said.
Well, cue up Boy George and Culture Club's breakout hit* as we deliver another couple of words for ya, Jerry:

Grow up. You want to be a trail-blazer, then blaze a trail. Don't demand that everyone else bulldozes the trees and paves a nice bike path for you. If you have facts and logic, use them. In the long term they are more effective than emotional plays for sympathy, and if you want to play with the big boys in any national debate, they are absolutely essential.

And make no mistake. She may not look like it, but Ann Coulter is one of the big boys.


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