Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What if Saddam survives?

The greatest gamble of the Bush administration on Iraq may well be not disposing of Saddam Hussein quickly and quietly when the chance was available.

Yeah, that sounds harsh, but there is something distinctly unsettling about what is happening at his trial, not to mention what is happening in the minds of various people around the globe.

This has occurred to us repeatedly, and there was even a story in the mainstream press last week about whether the U.S. had a contingency plan if he is acquitted. Frankly we doubt there's a plan because most rational people see that the evidence of the years of brutality is so compelling, how could there be an acquittal?

But J. Lee Grady, a Christian evangelist at CharismaNow.com, suspects that Saddam may have tapped into the Dark Side, using occult connections to save his hide and, perhaps, regain his power.

Something sinister is working in and around Saddam. We should not dismiss the role of the occult in this case.

Many people in the sophisticated, educated West don’t believe in the supernatural realm. Western intellectuals scoff at the idea that unseen forces can affect the lives of mortals. But I suspect even the most die-hard scholars will rethink who really has been pulling the strings in this Middle East conflict.

It's worth a read even if you don't buy into his theory. Yet.

We've got some thoughts of our own that we're pulling together and we'll either post them here or we'll post a link to our other site when the time is right.

Speaking of Saddam's trial brings to mind the testimony thus far of those who witnessed the torture, murder, molestations and rapes of his Baathist thugs, especially the woman who spoke in the first day's testimony. She said she was stripped naked, beaten with metal rods, and was given electrical shocks through the private parts of her anatomy. Then she was put into a cell with two loaves of bread she no longer had the strength to eat.

That's torture.

Abu Graib, as run under U.S. auspices, was embarrassingly pathetic in more ways than one. In the first place, it should never have happened. But for those whining and moaning about American atrocities, because we made prisoners wear women's panties on their heads, and assemble naked human pyramids, should re-read the Saddam trial testimony so far and get a grip on reality.

If we gained no useful information from our "interrogations" of Iraqi prisoners or the so-called "insurgent" terrorists, it is because these people come from a world where they know what torture is all about, the real deal. How they must laugh at us when our backs are turned. Our fighters are too civilized to know how to give a fellow a bad time, and our home-grown liberal resistance lacks the stomach to even think such thoughts.