Monday, December 05, 2005

Quack - Let's lose the war - Quack!

Howard Dean, specializing in channeling his inner George McGovern, thinks we ought to redeploy to a "friendly" Middle East country where the "target will be off the backs" of our servicemen and women.

Well, Howie, where exactly would that be? Israel? There is no place other than Iraq or Afghanistan where we have either been invited in or created an invitation. Israel hasn't invited us to drop by and probably wouldn't care for the extra attention.

Howie the Duck also claims that we need to get out of Iraq to fight Zarqawi. This is a statement of such imbecilic proportions as to dwarf all previous imbecilic Howie remarks, including the Scream.

Of 18 Iraqi provinces, 14 are secure. Zarqawi and his dwindling band of self-immolating minions have a meager, albeit deadly, presence in small parts of the remaining four. If we were to leave Iraq before Iraqization is complete (if the Duck insists on a Vietnam analogy), then we would be ceding the entire friggin' country to Zarqawi.

This is not rational thinking. This is defeatist "I hate George Bush so much that I wish defeat upon my own country" psychosis.

He makes it plain with his statement that the idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong."
Dean didn't specify which country the US forces would deploy to, but he said he would like to see the entire process completed within two years. He said the Democrat proposal is not a 'withdrawal,' but rather a 'strategic redeployment' of U.S. forces.
Our cat has greater strategic savvy than this man. Thank God he never made it to the Oval Office.