Thursday, December 22, 2005

This gal may need protection now

This little lady is Osama bin Laden's niece, Miss Wafah Dufour. That she is a relative is a footnote of history that she apparently would like to forget and probably hopes you would too.

A singer and model who will appear in the January issue of GQ magazine, she's never even met America's Worst Nightmare No.1. You can tell by her expression in the picture, however, that she is very concerned that Uncle Osama will try to undermine and destroy the economy of the West, which would put a serious crimp in her plans to be a star.

Regular readers know that we would never stoop to posting cheesecake pictures and headlines of OSAMA'S KNOCKOUT SCANTILY CLAD NIECE in an obvious bid to drive up our Google ratings.

This is merely a public service asking you, the alert citizen, to keep a sharp eye out for Osama and his evil henchmen who do not share the finer things of civilization like the appreciation of beauty for beauty's sake. And if you should see Miss Wafah, give her our best regards.


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