Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New Addition to the Blog Roll

In a week and a half we will all encounter 2006 A.D., which is as good a time as any to do a little more house-keeping around the OTB (Oklahomily The Blog) command center.

One of the changes will be to add a second voice to supplement the productivity of OTB. To tell ya the truth, the Oklahomilist is stretched rather thin these days, although you certainly could not tell it by his profile in the weak rays of the winter solstice. There are the classes we teach, the new website to shepherd, a couple of musical projects in the works, and the bump and grind of daily life. That has meant some light posting days (LPDs) and we loathe LPDs.

Another overdue change is our Blog Roll. While we have some of the big boys and girls listed, as they are on many a site, we're starting to develop a more eclectic, secondary tier of blog listings where the voices are distinctive and interesting. We figure if we like 'em, maybe you'll like 'em too.

One of the first to be added is The View from 103, where The Phantom keeps vigil over New York City. His is a voice of reason in a city of over 7 million souls; he also makes sure to regularly keep his guests apprised of good pizza spots and changes in the local architecture. Foremost among his qualifications is a conscience and personality tempered by a good education in the art and science of baseball. That alone would qualify him for blogroll consideration.

For the record, the Phantom discovered us first. We wish you to know, however, that we are not reciprocating his listing in gratitude. He has talent. Real talent. Make him one of your virtual destinations on a frequent basis. You'll be a better person for it.


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