Monday, January 23, 2006

Absent Without Much of An Excuse

Where did the weekend go?

Honest, we fully intended to saddle up the blogging horse, ride it hard and put it up wet today, but the world has conspired against us. That isn't much of an excuse, but it's the truth. (We thought about borrowing a better one, like did you hear about the guy who died while riding the subway in New York and no one noticed for six or seven hours? But then we'd have a tough time explaining why we're writing again.)

Over the weekend there were two really sorry conference championships in pro football. C'mon. The closest score was 34-17. It's embarrassing. But it might make for an interesting Super Bowl.

Over the weekend Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry, won the Miss America title. Not only did she have to wait an extra four months to do it (the pageant was put on hold for awhile, and almost died), but she'll get only $30,000 in scholarship money, not the $50,000 that previous title holders received.

This is shameful.

If there is anyone in the Miss America Pageant organization making more than $30,000 salary this year - and you know good and well there is - they should be stripped of their title. This is the United States! We throw billions at our super-stars and our super-victims. Thirty grand ain't much more than we imagine some Katrina victims are gonna wind up with.

Maybe somebody should pass the hat for the Miss America people on the stipulation that the money goes to Jenny. She's a good Tulsa girl, and we're mighty proud for her.


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