Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Belated happy birthday, Ben!

It's difficult to hide the fact when you are just terrible at remembering people's birthdays. But that, in fact, is the sorry truth. Good intentions don't even rate a smidgin of paving on the road to hell in our case.

But for what it's worth:

Happy Birthday, Ol' Ben!

Ben has always been one of the Oklahomily heroes, and occasionally a role model, in various and sundry ways, but we're trying to keep that part of the past buried in the past.

Statesman, inventor, innovator, humorist, journalist, publisher, firefighter, diplomat, lover, and that's not an all inclusive list. You have to wonder whether the United States, without this strange and wonderful gentleman, would even exist. Can't get enough of hearing about him.

Plus he graces one of our favorite pieces of paper currency. Can't get enough of those either.


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