Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One less bell to answer

With our hat tipped to Michelle Malkin, with pass on this interesting bit of al Quaeda news from ABC.

U.S. Strike killed al Qaeda Bomb Maker
Jan. 18, 2006 — ABC News has learned that al Qaeda's master bomb maker and chemical weapons expert was one of the men killed in last week's U.S. missile attack in eastern Pakistan.

Midhat Mursi, 52, also known as Abu Khabab al-Masri, was identified by Pakistani authorities as one of three known al Qaeda leaders present at an apparent terror summit conference in the village of Damadola.

The United States had posted a $5 million reward for Mursi's capture. He is described by U.S. authorities as the man who ran al Qaeda's infamous Derunta training camp in Afghanistan, where he used dogs and other animals as subjects of experiments with poison and chemicals.
He's the guy who trained the shoe bomber and Zach Mousssaoui, among hundreds of others. Despite all the protests, it looks like the CIA has eliminated one prolific trouble-maker and possibly saved the American taxpayers $5 million in the bargain.


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