Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Re-virgination: an afterthought

We initially were going to let this one pass:

Like a virgin? Thanks to 'revirgination'
WASHINGTON — Forget Botox, liposuction or breast enlargement. The newest trend in plastic surgery for women in the United States is vaginal reconstruction, including hymenoplasty, which offers patients new virginity.
The procedure has become so popular that it has topped the other more conventional surgeries such as face-lifts and breast enlargement.
One woman in Texas explains what a great gift it is.
"I wasn't a virgin when we got married and I thought: What better gift to give my husband than revirgination?" the 40-year-old mother of four told AFP. "It was a real sentimental gift, it was something I could recreate for him and he was thrilled. He was like, 'Yeah, it was worth every penny'," she said.
After days of intermittent pondering on the significance, if any, of this report, we finally do have something to say.

Virginity isn't just physical. It's spiritual as well. You can spend thousands to "restore" the physical attributes for fake virginity, but you change nothing spiritually.

Can spiritual virginity be restored? There are some today who say "yes," and we suspect that through prayer and efforts to establish purity of heart and mind by avoiding the rank sexuality of so much of our society, some semblance of virginal purity could be restored from above.

But throwing money at the problem ain't the solution, baby.

It's something like what John Lennon once wrote: "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow."


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