Friday, January 27, 2006

Coulter: Over the Top

With the usual qualification "if the story is reported accurately," if Ann Coulter truly joked that someone should put rat poison in a liberal Supreme Court justice's food, then she has stepped beyond the bounds of civilized discourse.

We don't like it when liberals say things like that. We call 'em moonbats and kool-aid drinkers.

But when a well-known conservative voice exercises a similar lack of restraint, it's worse. Because now it reflects on those in the camp with which we most often identify.

Ann can be funny, but frequently her zeal to say something outrageous means that the mouth engages before the brain thinks things over once or twice. She gets away with it more than most, which says something about people who are easy on the eyes.

If there is anyone out there who can get her to listen long enough to someone besides herself, who has enough of her respect to give her pause to reflect, please tell her that her razor-sharp wit is inflicting casualties on the good guys.

That is all.


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