Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why not just tempt God?

Norfolk, Virginia, says it is "tsunami ready" and has posted a sign boasting about it.
The city was recently declared tsunami ready by the National Weather Service, joining tiny Indian Harbour Beach in Florida as the only localities on the Atlantic Coast to meet the government’s seismic sea wave standards.

Jim Talbot, Norfolk’s assistant director of emergency preparedness and response, decided to pursue the federal TsunamiReady certification, even though he admits the odds are better for him to hit the Mega Millions lottery than for a tsunami to strike Hampton Roads.

“I went after it because of the potential there would be some federal funds available,” he said. Then again, in his business, he said, you can’t be too careful.
Or, in other words, it's all just a joke. The link we posted includes an editorial foreward by Stan Deyo, to whom with owe the hat tip. Deyo's comment is worth more than the entire story.

Reminds us of the opening minutes of "Jaws" when the Amity Island municipality tries its best to assure the public that the beaches have been made safe.


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