Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Acknowledging the 'Boy Crisis'

National Review's Rich Lowry takes a look at the Newsweek article on "The Boy Crisis" and concludes that American society may be coming around to figuring out that boys are different from girls.
... the boy-in-crisis has a rallying cry, "Don't disrespect my biology!"

That's what has been happening for years. Feminists have wanted to believe that, given the right socialization, boys would give up their stubborn fascination with earth-moving equipment. As someone once said, "You can have your own opinion, but you can't have your facts."
Another choice morsel:
If school overemphasizes sitting quietly and language skills; if recess is eliminated; if discipline is eroded; if the books feature consciousness-raising instead of action-packed narrative — then boys will be bored, disaffected and disruptive. Classrooms have to be made more boy-friendly — with more discipline, more competition and more activity — so that boys are no longer treated, as one expert put it to Newsweek, "like defective girls."
There's more. If you have a son, do read it. If you have daughters who some day will need responsible husbands, you read it too.


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