Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Substandard housing?

The Mad Okie at Livin' on Tulsa Time does his best impression of the National Security Agency by using satellite photos to show that some folks at high levels of Tulsa city government want to spend taxpayer dollars to acquire "substandard" housing that doesn't exist.

Of course those of us in Tulsa County who do not belong to the right country clubs or hob-nob in the higher priced seats at the opera probably aren't smart enough to understand why invisible (or non-existent) homes need tax-funded rescue. It briefly occurred to us that perhaps some aide to the mayor witnessed someone stretched out, napping, on said properties, and concluded that a citizen with no roof was afflicted with substandard housing.

Then again, perhaps someone should go farther back into the records of all those "citizens" who voted in a recent election and gave their addresses as vacant lots. Maybe these diligent, civic-minded souls are the very people who will benefit from the compassionate "conservatism" of Tulsa's city government.

Sure would hate to see this thing go to much farther and wind up as something the district attorney's office should review.

The Mad Okie believes that many of the identified properties, even the ones WITH houses, are those that the city would like to acquire, but not necessarily a good list of the homes of people who deserve a better place to live.

MeeCiteeWurkor wonders how LaFortunate the people of north Tulsa feel when so many are labelled as poor.


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