Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad manners is as bad manners does

It's hard to imagine a more unsuited moment for a political attack on a sitting president.

King funeral turns political; Bush bashed by former president, reverend

Jimmy Carter and the Rev. Joseph Lowery both took verbal swipes at President George W. Bush, who happened to be seated just a few feet behind the podium from whence they diatribed.

He took it, of course, with a forced smile. That probably signalled to the moonbat left and the two offenders that they "won" because their words stood unchallenged.

What it really meant is that they turned a sacred memorial service for a grand woman into a partisan, no-class political rally, and thus showed to America that we truly have achieved a "class-less" society.

A society of no-class.

Coretta Scott King deserved better than this.


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