Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog's Day

It's sunny and 51 degrees in greater Tulsa, another cold front just missed us without delivering any rain, and the groundhog saw his shadow, meaning that we have six more weeks of winter.

Faux winter, to this point.

We need about two feet of snow. If it would please God, we would even accept two inches of hard frozen rain as the lower layer. The tragedy of dented fenders and side panels, fallen power lines and tree limbs would be muted in the joy of a water table gloriously replenished in the March melt.

But thy will be done.

Meanwhile, we amused ourselves a bit this morning by re-reading Jonah Goldberg's re-printed tribute to one of the most under-rated movies of our time: "Groundhog Day."

If ever during a year we needed a reminder of the possibility of a second (and third) chance at redemption and renewal, February 2 is the perfect choice. Lent, Holy Week and Easter come along a little later, providing the same opportunity, but when your conscience is troubled and your soul is crying for respite NOW, the movie may be your best immediately shot, especially for those who are not Catholic and thus have no recourse to the confessional.

Of course, there are always dissenting viewpoints. One columnist wants to outlaw Groundhog's Day!