Saturday, January 28, 2006

Strike that - reverse it

On U.S. talk of cutting aid to the Palestinian Authority:
Hamas leaders meanwhile rejected as "blackmail" Western demands that it renounce violence against Israel or risk losing aid vital to the survival of the Palestinian Authority. Hopes of peacemaking with Israel have been pushed further into limbo.
Hey, boys, you've got it exactly backward, as usual.

There is no law or moral obligation that says the United States taxpayer owes you guys a dime. As for the "survival" of the Palestininian Authority, at this point, with shots being fired between Hamas and Fatah, there isn't much to save.

On the other hand, demands that we continue to pour millions upon millions into a moral cesspool, now that the really bad guys are in control - or else - sure sounds an awful lot like blackmail. Pay us or Israel gets it.

Except that Hamas fully intends for Israel to "get it" sooner or later anyway.

Not one thin dime.


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