Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For the Record: Saddam has confessed

For all of you Saddam apologists out there:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A defiant Saddam Hussein admitted in court Wednesday that he ordered the trial of 148 Shiites eventually executed in the 1980s, but he insisted that doing so was legal because they were suspected in an assassination attempt against him.

"Where is the crime? Where is the crime?" Saddam asked, standing before the panel of five judges.

Perhaps the crime is in thinking that you ARE the law, that trials (and proof) are unnecessary, and that anything you say goes.

Does anyone seriously doubt that this man ordered the executions and brutal torture of thousands?

But, but! the apologists cry, he doesn't think the same way we do, he's from a different culture with different values. We have no right to hold him to our standards.

Perhaps not, but if Saddam is convicted of violating OUR standards of justice and fair play, you can bet that the next would-be Saddam will be a little less apt to test them.

Frankly we are a little tired of this newly-evolved American squishiness that raises no standard, holds to no firm ethic or principle, and pretty much would let the world go to hell in a hand-cart as long as their own freedom to amuse themselves, in whatever fashion, is protected. These are the ones who cry, "Iraq was better off with Saddam in charge," in one breath, and then rail against the "fascist government" of George W. Bush in the next.

Inconsistent children, to the very last.


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