Sunday, March 19, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night ...

... that would chill your body and thrill your soul.

Two Point Three Five Inches and still comin' down.

Whether it's enough to break the statewide Burn Ban in Oklahoma is doubtful since we are a long way from catching up to all the missing moisture, but it's enough to give us some respite from the threat of wildfires, and hope that perhaps the Men in the White Lab Coats at NOAA will be wrong about our drought predictions for the spring and summer.

About the only downside we can foresee is that it's going to cut into our practice time with this year's baseball team. We've got about a week left before the pre-season tournament and the team is not nearly ready. Yet that's probably true of the rest of the team's in the league, so let it rain. And no, the Oklahomilist is managing, not playing. Youngest son is now in the 15+ league. It's a great bunch of young men, the survivors of the many years of learning the game. They didn't quit because they love to play. It is truly a joy to coach them.


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