Thursday, March 23, 2006

Or was that a rhetorical question?

Reporter Bob Aaron of WCHS TV-8, reporting on the results of a trial of a 37-year-old Toni Woods, a 6th grade teacher in Braxton County, West Virginia, for having sex with four students, notes that she received 4-to-20 years in prison.

He then asks:
Debra LaFave, a Florida teacher facing similar charges avoided prison this week. What was different?
Well, Bob, let's review the visual record, and then you answer this one yourself, if you can:



Is there are double standard at work?

Most certainly.

It also doesn't hurt when the victim won't testify against you.

(This free lesson provided courtesy of the Oklahoma Institute for the Elimination of Brain Flatulence in Active Journalists - the OIEBFAJ.)


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