Friday, July 06, 2007

Of Kings & Presidents


"It's not for the president to decide what laws to obey or enforce. That's not what presidents do. That's what kings do."

Thus spoke William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration-PAC, pledging to return to Washington to lead a grassroots movement demanding that a criminal investigation be conducted to find out why the Bush Administration is not enforcing existing immigration laws.
"We're going to put pressure on Congress, not to stop a bill, but to demand that Congress launch an immediate investigation into the White House to determine what criminal prosecutions may be warranted relating to not enforcing our existing laws," he said.
Suffice it to say that a lot of Americans are fed up with the combined malfeasance and/or complacency of both elitist camps of Democrats and Republicans. Especially when more and more reports come to light of criminal acts by those in this country illegally:

Man accused of Rape after release
COLUMBIA -- Maury County deputies and federal agents are looking for a man who is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl only hours after being released from jail.

Juan Villa, 24, has been in the Maury County Jail 11 times since 2001 on charges of assault, public intoxication, driving without a license and contempt of court.

He was released from jail on $1,000 bail on Friday at about 9:45 p.m. and is suspected of raping the 15-year-old shortly after midnight. During the investigation, a 13-year-old girl also told deputies she was raped by Villa, Sheriff Enoch George said.

Villa is suspected of being in the country illegally and George said the department had contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement about him before he was released from jail but the federal agents said they would deal with him later. (Emphasis added by OTB)

It will be quite a bit later now, since it is certain that the Tennessee criminal justice system will want to keep him around for a day or so.

All it would take to dramatically improve the enforcement of immigration laws as it applies to criminal activities by illegals is a decision to do so. Whose decision, you ask? Let's go up the chain of command: The director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement; Director of Homeland Security (the arrogant and useless Michael Chertoff); and his boss, the President of the United States, ol' what's his name.

It wouldn't hurt if the Attorney General of the United States was in on the decision, but we wouldn't really expect that of Alberto Gonzales, would we?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Do Islamic doctors take the Hippocratic Oath?

"First, do no harm."

There are FIVE physicians implicated in the latest British terror wave, and perhaps another just taken into custody in Brisbane, Australia.

And it's early yet.

Perhaps Islamic physicians are not required to take the Hippocratic Oath, and then again, perhaps radical Islamists feel that any oath that conflicts with their understanding of righteous jihad is not binding.

Which leaves a reasonable man with only one conclusion: how can you place trust in people who will not keep their word?

And while we sure wouldn't want to be so insensitive as to profile people, it does raise an interesting question of when do you know whether a Muslim doctor is a true believer in the oath he takes to preserve life, and when he's just a true believer in the global jihad?

The answer, as we see it, is not that difficult, but we are less squeamish than most about abandoning the straight-jacket of political correctness that is leading our nation to the edge of tragedy.

The rest of you, think about it. Time is short.

Clueless or Conniving? Either way Chertoff needs to go

It's amazing how one man keeps popping up and utters the most vapid, useless utterances in America, or else he hurls insults at those who believe most strongly in what this country is supposed to stand for. Michael Chertoff, director of Homeland Security, doesn't get it.

On Sunday, appearing on Fox News, he scolded the U.S. Senate for its failure to pass an immigration bill that the vast majority of Americans despised. It also seems he is telegraphing a future failure to enforce existing immigration law:

"We're going to continue to enforce the law. It's going to be tough," Michael Chertoff said. "We don't really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that's truly effective."

That's nonsense, and he knows it. All it takes to enforce the law are leaders who decide to enforce the law. It's a decision, and he obviously is one of those "grand bargainers" who wants centralization of everything on a grand scale. Since the president obviously thinks Chertoff walks on water, one can just imagine the quality of advice that is going into the Oval Office. We can't enforce the American workplace, Chertoff says, and we can't keep tabs on who's crossing the border, but we can believe Mr. Chertoff when he declares, as he did today, that "we are safe" from terrorists?
"We are safe, but we are safe because we continue to pay attention and we continue to add security measures," Chertoff said as the Fourth of July holiday approaches.
This despite another report, from ABC News, that intelligence officials believe Al Quaida is planning a "summer spectacular" event for the United States. Chertoff is an egg-headed fool who cannot separate his ego from the practicalities of his position. If something happens his words will come back to haunt the Administration, in ways that will not be productive.

We may be relatively safe, but it takes only one slip-up and terrorists will strike again. It is not a question of if but of when. Citizens need to know this.

So is the man clueless, or is his the result of conniving to advance the globalist agenda?

Bottom line: It doesn't much matter. Chertoff does not deserve to be paid American tax dollars. We need someone in the job a little more humble and who has a much wider vision of the scope of the war in which we are engaged.