Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Antoinette' Obama -- 'Let Them Eat Cupcakes!'

The President believes that you should be grateful that his $787 billion stimulus package -- the one that isn't creating new jobs after all -- has at least given you a "tax cut".

Never mind that the "tax cut" isn't a tax cut at all, but a temporary change in the payroll withholding rate that, if you are unlucky, will come back to haunt you next April 15.

And never mind that the "tax cut" amounts to about $8 a week for the average American worker.

President Obama says you can use it to buy the "necessities of life" which, he says, should include cupcakes.

Yeah, cupcakes. Which is about all you can afford on $8. A cupcake or two a day.

I was driving when I heard his quote from his Raleigh, N.C., town hall meeting yesterday. I nearly lost control as I yelled in disgust. "Cupcakes!"

Of course, I knew that he was making a joke, referring to a local baker he had introduced to the crowd. It wasn't funny yesterday, and it isn't funny today. Marie Antoinette very well have been joking too.

I don't want the federal government "giving" me cupcake money. Especially when it's my damn money to begin with. That was MY paycheck that you decided, in your beneficient omnipotence, to be a little kinder too in the short term. It was MY work that earned MY pay that you TAX so that General Electric can get big fat government contracts to build crap that your policies will force me and other Americans to use.

I don't want the federal government "giving" me "cash for clunkers." Especially since I found out that you don't actually get the "cash" for your "clunker." The dealer does. If you qualify, which isn't a slam dunk, by the way.

And then, this morning, it hit me about "Cash for Clunkers." The President oversaw the takeover of two of the Big Three automakers, and under orders they promptly began to eliminate hundreds of dealerships across the fruited plain. Especially those dealerships owned by people who were not Democrats or friends of the Progressive wing of that party.

Now follow the bouncing ball here: The surviving dealers -- the favored of The Obama -- get the "Cash for Clunkers" money. Sure, there will be other dealerships, like Ford, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, who will get in on this too. That will make them more amenable later when the next round of "Socialize the Auto Industry" is introduced. If socialism is profitable, at least in the short term, look for it to become more popular.

All you have to do is listen to those obscene radio and TV commercials touting how awesome the "Cash for Clunkers" program is. They make me sick to my stomach. The government is handing out billions to promote the destruction of vehicles that actually run, enticing Americans who may be better off driving a good "clunker" than taking on a big car loan during these iffy economic times, into going into debt.

Since the individual does not actually see the money in his or her bank account, there is no guarantee that the auto companies will not simply raise prices to take advantage of this government-sponsored bonanza.

The "clunker" in this scenario, is your common sense, thrown into chaos by a government that is out of control, overstepping its constitutional limits.

Nothing good came come of this. And in your gut, you know it.

Have a cupcake.

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At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the moment my significant other thrust a full page newspaper ad of the "Cash For Clunkers" program in my face, I proclaimed it to be just another government taxpayer TRAP, kinda like the TARP bailout.

Now, over and over, we keep seeing and hearing what a smashing success this "economy stimulating" program is. But nowhere have I seen any mention of the participating dealers actually getting any part of this rebate money to date. I've read several accounts of dealers complaining about the amount of paperwork and processing time involved and of repeated rejections.

What my inquiring mind wants to know is, how the "small" number of applications (est. 40,000) have purportedly crashed the initial $1 billion program in a matter of days? quote from the San Francisco Chronicle, Aug.01,: "Technical glitches have made it difficult for the administration to know exactly how many exchanges have taken place and how much money has been paid out to date."

The "promise" of more "stimulus" monies for potentially another 200,000 contracts....??!! Jeez,when is reality going to sink in, sheeple?? One of the conditions of the deal is that the trade-in clunker must be destroyed within 48-hrs. Now let's imagine The Evil One decides to renege on this incentive program. Who is going to absorb the losses?? Why, the dealer of course. And does it stand to reason that the long arm of government just maybe created another ingenious way of furthering the mission of destroying capitalism in America?? Something to consider.
A sucker is born every minute.


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