Monday, July 20, 2009

Will ObamaCare Include Abortion Coverage?

A fascinating question of the ObamaCare debate is whether abortion will be included as one of the covered services in universal health care. Will taxpayers foot the bill for abortions?

We could actually find ourselves in a situation where a 60-year-old woman would be denied treatment for uterine cancer under the rationale that the costs would outweigh the potential benefits to society. But if she became pregnant at that age the government would be more than willing to approve her for an abortion.

Liberals who champion abortion often do so proclaiming that society, through government laws, has no right to interfere with a woman's body. It's okay if that government interference includes money for the procedure. Universal health care, with employer-employee mandates, higher taxes and bureaucratic panels determining who gets what is most certainly government interfering with the bodies of men and women.

And yet liberals-progressives apparently have no problem with that.

It's not hypocrisy so much as it is insanity.

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