Thursday, September 29, 2005

Beyond Stuck on Stupid

This post is a couple of weeks late because we need to catch up on our perusal of and peregrination about the Blogosphere.

The Irish Elk reprints correspondence from a New Yorker who sends his children to a school in vicinity of what used to be the World Trade Center, along with the children of other people who you would think by now would know better, but:
About a year ago, I mentioned on your site that my youngest daughter's school briefly put up the American flag on a school flagpole that had been vacant since the 1960s. After a month of faculty and student protests (oppressive symbol, racist, sexist country, etc.), the trustees voted to take the flag back down. The Calhoun School said, however, that they would fly the US flag on three federal holidays (when the school would be closed), and on September 11th. I walked by this morning to see how they are fulfilling that lame promise.

Answer: the sly boots, they have removed the flagpole. Like good liberals, they are making sure no one is offended. Very much including Osama. This at a Manhattan school where, by Thursday evening, September 13, 2001, you could not breathe because of the smoke and stench of death from the Trade Centre ruins.
Words fail to explain what we really think. You can't even be stuck on stupid if you are brain dead, never mind the lack of a heart.


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