Saturday, November 12, 2005

French Riots - Night 16 - Car fires up 8%

There were 502 cars torched Friday night. That's up from 463 the night before.

That's over $5 million in replacement cost, if you average $10,000 per vehicle.
"We returned to an almost normal situation in Ile de France," said national police chief Michel Gaudin, referring to the Paris region. Arson attacks were counted in 163 towns around France, he said. The count of those detained overnight stood at 206, bringing to 2,440 the number of suspects picked up in just over two weeks of unrest.
If this is almost normal it is very sad. For at Friday night's rate in another year "youth rioters" will have eliminated 183,000 vehicles from France's roads, making them much safer for bicycles, horses and the braying asses who now think they rule the night.


At 6:04 AM, Blogger cinnamon-cannelle said...

You should see the news in France now... Ridiculous. Theyr 'forget' to talk about what's still going one. We had an over mediatisation a few days ago, now it's the contrary. i'm guessing that they want citizen to beieve that because the government decided to act, things are just going on fine... They just summarize what's going on.
The good thing: some people and associations mainly are telling the governement that what they need is not money. But actions. Choices. Organisation and plannification.
We shall see where that goes


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