Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Zarqawi is still Undead

DNA testing is being done, foreign journalists are reporting, to see if Mr. Zarqawi was one of those eight souls making the journey to Paradise over the weekend.

In the meantime, American journalists are only reporting that the White House and Pentagon are downplaying the possibilities of his demise.

Could it be we just don't want to pay the $25 million reward?

Hell, we pay for everything else. This is chicken feed.

Sorry, that was a bit of editorializing, wasn't it. Mighty unprofessional. Of course, being a professional means getting PAID, doesn't it? And since we are a totally not-for-profit, money losing proposition, our amateur status is intact!

We'll play along. Okay. Zarqawi isn't dead. He's undead. Waiting for the right dark moment to pop out of the shadows and start his blood-sucking murderous activities again. Won't someone please take the wooden stake and do the honorable thing?

It's definitely time to retire for the evening, if not for the ever.


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