Friday, November 18, 2005

Reopening old wounds - Posthumously

This is so sad.

John Lennon's 'definitive' account of the break-up of the Beatles is to be heard for the first time in Britain.

In it, he accuses Paul McCartney of being all 'form and no substance' and treating the rest of the group as little more than his backing band.

He also says the other Beatles 'despised' Yoko Ono and forced him to choose between them or her.

The interview, which exposes the raw bitterness Lennon felt towards the other Beatles - and McCartney in particular, was recorded in 1970 by the editor of Rolling Stone magazine Jann Wenner.

This is necessary, we suppose, because it's "news" but in the next decade John grew up a little bit and began to see that life was a little bit more than just who was getting the splashier headlines. At the time of the recording he was still very bent out of shape.

And who knows how much Yoko fed into his paranoia ... (Damn right the other Beatles walked on eggshells around her. Didn't like her? We didn't like her either. And she couldn't sing.) As if to erase any doubt Yoko took a most inappropriate moment recently to bash Paul, as the article noted:

Despite almost 35 years having passed since the Beatles split, the enduring bitterness of the feud was evident recently when Yoko Ono denounced McCartney as an inferior song-writer to Lennon.

At an awards ceremony last month, she mocked his lyrics suggesting he did no more than rhyme 'spoon' with 'June'.

We'd like to think that if John were still alive, he and Paul would be good friends again and, who knows, maybe even recording buddies once in awhile.

So who's really carrying a grudge?


At 9:10 PM, Blogger The Phantom said...


I just posted a comment on this subject on my blog , did a search for Beatles, and ran into Oklahomily.

I very much agree with your comments, and I think it is awful that Yoko is prolonging something that should have been long over.

Your site is good, and I will keep an eye on it.


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