Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy belated birthday, Neil

His birthday was Saturday, Nov. 12, and he turned 60.

But rust never sleeps, and neither does Neil Young.

Saw a tribute at the Toronto Sun website. At first thought it might contain an actual interview with the man, but alas no. It merely featured quotes from people who know people who know Young.

Since we do not know anyone who knows Young, we could not be quoted.

Did appreciate this section of the report, describing Neil's dress code and his timelessness:

Dangly hair, dangly shirt, whatever crummy jeans were handy. Mick Jagger must cringe.

"Neil Young on laundry day," is a comic's jab.

But it works. He hasn't aged as oddly as Jagger, 62.

"Neil never strutted around being a pretty boy," says Chong.

Matter of fact, Neil has looked 60 most of his life.

Neil Young went solo and provided inspiration for the young Oklahomilist at a time when our first hot band had dis-banded. Nothing would do but to go out and find our own Crazy Horse backing group while singing ballads of love unrequited in old gold-mine shafts in Colorado. Really dug how Neil ripped off Robert Silverberg on the lyrics for "After the Gold Rush."

Ah, youth.


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