Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No credibility whatsoever

How can you believe World Meteorological Organization -- a wholly owned subsidiary of that abomination called the United Nations -- when they rail on about "global warming" when they can't even do an accurate job of compiling tornado statistics in the United States?

To wit:
Laying the blame firmly at the feet of global warming, the agency warned that the number and intensity of extreme weather events could continue to increase.

Citing examples, the WMO said the 562 tornadoes which hit the United States in May this year was a record -- far higher than the previous monthly peak of 399 in June 1992.

Sounds pretty dreadful, doesn't it! Except the WMO is wrong.

The proof?

2004 set the record for most tornadoes on record, with 1,817.
The tornado year was characterized by a slow start once again, with the December 2003-February 2004 period having only 14 tornadoes, 2nd lowest on record for the period 1950-2004 (lowest was 13 in 1984-85. March and April were near, but slightly below the 10-year average.

The key contributors to the record tornado year were active tornado periods in May, August, and September. With 509 tornadoes, May 2004 finished second only to May, 2003 (543 tornadoes) for most tornadoes on record in any month.

For the millions who live in Tornado Alley, even our youngsters know that May is almost always the big month of the year.

We are also skilled in the ways of surfing the internet and googling up information when necessary. Apparently those skills do not exist at the internet-coveting U.N.

For the record, yes there seems to be some evidence -- not totally conclusive -- that the planet is warming. (Although the high water mark for heat was 1998, seven years ago). There is a great deal of debate and uncertainty over what is causing it. Scientists will readily admit they cannot tell you whether Tulsa will set a record high temperature or a record low temperature two weeks from today.

And yet the moonbat enviro-worriers, including a few political hacks at the U.N. and its various bureaus, try to tell us they know exactly what is going on.

All the better to regulate our lives down to the Nth Degree.

Just say no.


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