Monday, November 14, 2005

This is an exciting development, sort of

By our calculations, he's stalking about 4.5 miles from here.

Ray Harral Nature Park in Broken Arrow has been closed while authorities determine if reports of a large cat sighted in the park are true.

City officials say there have been three sightings of a possible mountain lion or cougar in the area near the park on 3rd Street. The first sighting was last week, when a construction crew working near the park, spotted the animal. Officials say several homeowners have also seen the feline.
Nice to know they're gonna try to capture him alive if possible and "relocate" him. The tough news for the big cat is that there are two schools adjacent to the park. (BTW, the picture is of a Rocky Mountain mountain lion. No one's grabbed a snapshot of the local beast. Yet.)

Reading this report was a reminder to us that it's been awhile since we tromped through the nature trails. It's actually a pretty awesome 40 acres. We'll wait 'til the cats gone, however.

And when will that be?

Esmond says if they have no more sightings over the next couple of days, they will reopen the park.


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